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We held a team building event for a select group within a large organisation to help create bonds, improve cohesiveness and improve the practical effectiveness of the team. This was necessary as this particular group had to work closely together to carry out their daily tasks
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The aim for the event detailed here was to create an atmosphere where attendees, who were having a sit down meal at a speaker’s event with us, would feel comfortable enough to absorb all the information at the event but also to remain alert enough to pay attention to the speaker.It can be a difficult balancing act when there is food involved as attendees may start feeling tired after eating. This would be an obstacle to attendees getting the most out of the event. But we had a menu prepared which wouldn’t be too heavy.
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This event was to showcase the launch of a new industrial initiative. The event attendees were able to engage with industrial tools on display and purchase items for use in industry. This event was great opportunity to learn about the industrial innovations and network. The aim was to impress attendees by focussing on the initiative and the amazing expertise involved in creating the set pieces. Focussing on this was bound to make a big impact on guests and onlookers and proved the skills of the client which boosted sales.
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A networking event can be formulated by bringing together a focus point for the event, a well-crafted event agenda, an interested group of attendees and carefully selected refreshments. In the case of this event the focus points were presentations and a speaker who gave an informative talk on the future of digital marketing.
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On your wedding day there are many elements to consider to ensure that the special day is a pleasurable experience. Here is a checklist for the big day: Our glamorous bride required her hair and makeup to be exquisitely and creatively prepared which we had arranged. It is often lovely to catch some photographs of the bride during the hair and makeup application when the bride is looking particularly beautiful. The brides hair and makeup requires about two hours to attend to all the details.
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