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ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD is an events business based in central Birmingham serving Birmingham, the West Midlands and London.


We provide event management, event planning, event production and event coordination services for individuals, groups, agencies, organisations and companies. We at ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD believe that every event is a special occasion.


We are composed of a team of dynamic, innovative and determined individuals with significant experience in the events industry. Our aim is to realise our clients’ vision and understand that our continued success depends on our expertise at delivering distinctive event solutions for our clients.


’In 2017 ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD was developed with enthusiasm and dedication. Our main aim was to provide high-quality and innovative events with a focus on precision, efficiency and a service oriented around the customer’’.


The heart of our business is innovation, efficiency and humanitarianism.


ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD has guiding principles that direct our business endeavours. These principles are outlined as follows:


  • Promote and actively work for positive change in communities.
  • Harness the positive potential in people.
  • Help to reduce poverty.
  • Support the environment.
  • Establish national and international links.


These principles help to form our ethos and are an integral part of who we are at ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists. We work at enacting positive changes by adhering to our guiding principles and we hope to achieve all our humanitarian goals through our efforts.


What if we need to speak to someone from ASA outside of office hours?

We work closely with our clients to ensure that everything goes smoothly. But sometimes things crop up which require extra attention. To remedy this, we provide an event coordinator who works with our clients in a highly organised way to keep to schedule.

However, we do appreciate that sometimes it is reassuring to be able to speak to someone outside of office hours. We offer a service option which caters to this need. The service concerned involves us offering clients with this requirement the option to be able to contact us much later than usual. Contact us to find out more.

What happens after the event is completed?

After the event we perform a debriefing meeting with our clients to get feedback and to see how else we can improve upon the service we provide. We also like to decompress with our clients, offer thanks for hiring us and see how else we can be of assistance.

Can ASA synergise my companies branding with the event they manage/plan for us?

This is something we strive to accomplish as a matter of course.

Why should I choose ASA to plan/manage my event?

We endeavour to cover all angles of an event to ensure our clients can relax on the day. We want our clients to have a great event experience. Also, we are an events company with principles and you can rely on us to ensure your event exceeds expectations.

What do you charge for event management?

We have various ways of charging for our services. Sometimes we employ a flat rate and sometimes we charge based on a percentage of the total budget. It depends on the service as to what makes the most sense for the client. Talk to us and we will come to an amicable and fair arrangement.

What if my budget is small?

If your budget is small contact us to discuss what your options are. We also have an event consultation service which might help you to event plan economically.