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1. Build brand recognition.
Hosting events promotes your brand. Which allows event attendees to connect and engage with your brands strategic aims.

2. Network
Events allow businesses to connect with their clients and audiences on a personal level which has an impact in relation to how a business is perceived.

3. Strengthen your community.
In addition to developing a connection with your organisation, people attending your events can build relationships with each other and strengthen the community.

4. Build trust.
Trust is an important component of any brands success. By hosting events a brand can create real tangible experiences and attendees will be able to connect with a brands mission.

5. Generate revenue.
Charging for admission to your event can generate revenue.

6. Fundraise.
Giving back to your community and society at large is a great way to raise awareness about an important cause, and gain recognition for your organisation.

8. Establish thought leadership.
Holding a seminar or hosting a meet up for industry thought leaders establishes your business or organisation as a driver of new ideas and collaboration. This provides value to your community and helps to establish your business as a valued resource.

9. Have fun.
What could be better than seeing everyone have a great time? If people enjoy themselves at your event, they will return time and time again.

Hosting events can really benefit your organisation in so many ways. Plus, planning and spreading the word about your great, upcoming events is so much easier when you have an event marketing calendar to simplify the process and save you time.

At ASA Events Management and Consultancy Specialists we relish at actualising our client’s eventideas and making the impossible become reality.

Office number: 0121 2705 548
Mobile number: 07949 959 299
Email Address: info@asaevents.uk


At ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists we like to be a part of and support the business community and the community at large. What better way to achieve these aims than to host ‘Networking Now’ events for business, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. Alongside our ‘Networking Futures’ events aimed at technologic advances in the business community and not forgetting our ‘Fusion’ events aimed at professionals looking to socialise in the city!!!


ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists know how to throw a party. In this instance, we will be holding a White Party special event. The White Party involves all attendees wearing white clothing giving this kind of event a special feel.

We love to facilitate enjoyable moments for attendees of our events. Don’t be afraid to really let your hair down and dance all night long. It could be the best night ever considering all the ingredients will be there to produce that exceptional night out.

Drinks, music and entertainment will be available as well as copious amounts of opportunities for socialising. We think you will be pleased to enjoy the night with us and everyone else in attendance. All night through this event will entertain.

Join us for a fantastic night full of special moments to look back on after the event. Our parties will always have that distinctly special element to make them nights to remember. Are you going to let this opportunity pass you by? We hope you will be there. We will keep you informed about dates, times and locations so keep an eye on our social media pages.


Welcome to ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists offering event production, planning, execution, coordination and consultation services.

If you require high-quality, innovative and unique event production and planning solutions ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists are available to plan and deliver your event. Also, we work hard to produce events for the general public and other groups. This ability to produce events from the initial creative stages to the finished product gives ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists a unique skill and ability to plan your event. Due to this skill and ability, our planning of your event can be as comprehensive as you require it to be.

We demonstrate our expertise regularly by producing and executing independent events for the general public and various other groups. Producing conferences, networking events, gala’s and other corporate and social events, especially those that require a special creative touch and efficiency of delivery, is something we have a passion for. We put maximum effort into our events and easily transfer that effort into producing and executing events for clients.

In addition to the above event production and planning services ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists offer an event coordination service. To ensure a smooth delivery we enjoy being on hand to coordinate all aspects of the event. We have a passion for seeing an event run smoothly so that attendees and clients can get full enjoyment out of the event experience.

As well as producing, planning and coordinating superior events ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists offer a consultation service for those who require assistance somewhere short of full event management. Perhaps, as a client, you wish to arrange and deliver an event but realise that expert assistance would be helpful. This sort of situation is where ASA will be able to provide consultation to help you ensure that an efficiently delivered and high-quality event is the result.


Work with ASA Event Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD’s corporate event planners for a truly special corporate event. We take the time to consider how to match your brand with your corporate event.

Event planning involves a creative process for us and we take it seriously so that our clients can know that the event planned with us will satisfy their corporate expectations. The main aim of our corporate event planning process is to ensure that the event is smoothly executed and appropriately crafted to fit with the particular company brand.

ASA Event Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD can deliver all your corporate event planning requirements. Whether it is a business lunch or a networking event we have a passion for executing an event that is attractive to our clients but also functional. For example, we could deliver a beautiful gala for a networking purpose, including dinner. Some clients prefer a sterile environment so that they can concentrate on work at their corporate event. However, not all corporate events are the same. A team-building exercise, for example, may be very different from a presentation stylistically speaking. Either way, ASA Event Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD has the knowhow to put together and execute the most appropriate type of event for our clients.


Can you imagine an evening filled with entertainment, exquisite food and great company in an atmosphere carefully crafted to impress as well as to add to the enjoyment of the evening? This is the kind of event you can expect from a gala produced by ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists. We enjoy delivering an event experience that attendees will appreciate. Our events are always produced with precision and efficiency for our clients and attendees. We enjoy the process of creating high-quality events and witnessing the good results. We put effort into our events to ensure that every occasion is memorable. Our attendees will always have enduring positive memories of our productions.


The Masquerade Ball is an exquisite opportunity to network, have a drink and dance the night away. Enjoy the mystique associated with this event. Who knows who you will be rubbing shoulders with? Come and find out while enjoying this event experience.

The ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists team enjoy holding these kinds of events as they can be so exciting. The combination of mystery, appeal and sophistication make Masquerade Ball’s particularly intriguing. We would love for you to make an appearance at our Masquerade Ball. Keep checking our social media accounts or contact us for more information.


At ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists we like to be a part of and support the business community. What better way to achieve these aims than to host Networking Events for business and corporate professionals, career-oriented people and entrepreneurs.

These events are to facilitate networking interactions between business people and to assist the development of the business community for those who wish to take part. Another function of these events is to provide opportunities for business people to socialise and form new connections to help the business community flourish.

We hope you enjoy these opportunities and we will be on hand at the events to make sure everything goes smoothly for all in attendance. Birmingham is an ambitious city and we have positive ambitions for the Birmingham business community. Come along and be a part of helping the positive potential of Birmingham business to grow. Contact us for more information at info@asaevents.uk.


ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD will be holding an exquisite Mansion Party in the New Year for all those who love a great time dancing, drinking and socialising. There will be on-site entertainment as well as members of the team on hand to ensure our guests are happy. Also, there will be coaches to transport our guests there and back.

Just show up and enjoy a fantastic time with us as we will take care of everything. The Mansion Party is ideal for those looking to have a great time in a fresh and new environment with no worries. Events are what we do so come along and dance the night away with us. We will provide more information soon.


With regards to any corporate event I plan, the first thing I think about is how can I tie this event back to the brand? I want to achieve more than just place a logo on a wall. I want to design something that really stands out, connects with the message of my client’s company and is unique enough that guests will want to share the visuals via social media. This ensure that the gains traction on social media and is not just another photo of a party but is something that encourages brand engagement.

1. The Entrance
The entrance of any event is an opportunity to arrest yourattendee’s eyes and tease them with regards to what to expect next!

2. The Walk
This area creates a holding pattern where guests will be waiting to check-in and you will have their attention, you do not want to lose the event excitement created with the entrance décor!

3. Second Impression
Now that guests have been wowed at the entrance and had their attention diverted on their way to the main event space. This is an opportunity to make all attendees aware of what message this event is attempting to convey.

At ASA Events Management and Consultancy Specialists we relish at actualising our client’s event ideas and making the impossible become reality.

Office number: 0121 2705 548
Mobile number: 07949 959 299
Email Address: info@asaevents.uk


Whether it is a traditional wedding or a wedding with a more modern feel ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists can cater to your requirements. We will deliver the wedding of your dreams whether that involves a minimalist or a more sumptuous appearance. Whatever your requirements we will be on hand to produce an exquisite wedding that our clients will enjoy and treasure. Our approach to weddings is holistic taking into account all aspects of the special day so that all in attendance will be satisfied with the occasion. From the smallest detail to the most eye-catching set pieces we take care of everything. We recognise the importance of this day to our clients and their guests. As such we take wedding planning seriously while enjoying the creative process.