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A virtual event, also known as an online event, is an interactive gathering that happens on the internet. These types of events are not restricted to a single location. A remote attendee can join and participate from anywhere in the world provided the attendee has internet access.

Some of our events are completely virtual and guests can attend sessions from the comfort of their own home or office. Other Virtual Event Services we provided have both real-world and virtual components. Some attendees visit the actual event location and others stream the festivities from their computer.


There are many reasons why virtual events are valuable. First off, virtual events allow the individuals or companies hosting them to reach a wider audience.

Virtual Events are inexpensive with regards to logistical factors. These cost savings can then be passed on to each virtual attendee in the form of lower ticket prices.

Virtual events are extremely measurable. Companies can easily learn which sessions were the most popular, how many people attended, where those attendees live, how they paid for their tickets, and much more. This information can then be used to improve event strategy.



We believe that, by using innovative virtual event production techniques, virtual events can produce a similar emotional impact as their physical equivalents.

Our aim is to present the experience of physical event production in a digital format and engage with online audiences through real-time live experiences, in stunning 3D CGI venues.

We can produce everything from simple pre-recorded virtual events to immersive 3D live experiences, we offer robust solutions combined with the technical expertise to deliver them effortlessly.


ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists have created virtual event production service solutions that are both cost-effective and professional in appearance. These solutions are intended for clients who need to elevate their online event (hosts and performers can film their content themselves at home, and we do the rest).
ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists use the same 3D graphics software used by Hollywood studios and the leading video game designers, we can place your event hosts into our 3D virtual studio. This immersive environment can be branded and incorporate big screens, special fx, dynamic lighting designs, and live audience interaction tools in order to ensure your virtual event is visually impactful.
ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists immersive experience is a concept that provides a true-to-life live experience to your online audience in an immersive 3D environment, where interaction and live presentation are at the nucleus of the concept. This unique platform allows hosts, performers, and even your audience to be placed digitally into a stunning virtual setting, alongside live production elements.


Can you film virtual events in my company office or at my home?

Yes, we have a mobile studio solution that brings all the technology needed to film on location, either streaming live or pre-recording for broadcast at a later date. Our approach maintains social distancing at all times and we have all the relevant health & safety documents outlining how the studio can be set up, operated, and de-rigged safely in your home or workplace.

What restrictions are there when working on a green screen?

There are none in short. ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists can mix physical and virtual sets, which means furniture, props, and objects can be placed on set and they will appear within the virtual studio. This method of virtual event production is ideal for product launches.

How many remote presenters can I have at my virtual event?

We would suggest a 3 to 4 otherwise the product can look overcrowded. However, our technology can handle up to 12 remote presenters on screen at a time.

I would like to stream my event securely. What are my options?

We can propose several platforms which offer enhanced security. For example, we can set a password that is sent to your invited guests which they then have to use to access the online event. Alternatively, we can set up a vigorous registration system where unique invite links are sent by email to each person who is eligible to attend, preventing them from forwarding the live stream link to uninvited guests.

Can people at home be included in my event?

We have several interactive tools which can be integrated into your virtual event. We can embed a chat or Q & A sidebar alongside your video stream, and the host in the live studio can have a tablet or screen showing them what the audience is asking. This demonstrates to your audience that their comments and questions are being reviewed in real-time, encouraging further engagement.