We provide an event consultation service for clients with requirements short of full event planning. The events we produce are always aimed at satisfying our guests’ desire for an event to remember. Our event consultation service is delivered by event professionals with significant experience in the events industry.
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A networking event can be formulated by bringing together a focus point for the event, a well-crafted event agenda, an interested group of attendees and carefully selected refreshments. In the case of this event the focus points were presentations and a speaker who gave an informative talk on the future of digital marketing..
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ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists know how to throw a party. In this instance we will be holding a White Party special event. The White Party involves all attendees wearing white clothing giving this kind of event a special feel. We love to facilitate enjoyable moments for attendees of our events. .
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Our clients can expect to have an appointed event professional to be on hand to discuss any queries and to offer advice, support and assistance from the initial conception through to the execution of the event.

We at ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists have built our reputation around creating exquisite weddings, unique social events, dynamic corporate events and event consultation services aimed at ensuring our clients feel valued.

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The heart of our business is innovation, efficiency and humanitarianism.

ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD is an events business based in central Birmingham serving Birmingham and the West Midlands. We provide event planning and coordination services for individuals, groups, organisations and companies.
Our team will work with a client organisation to find a creative synergy between the organisations brand and the character of an event. Individual or group clients can expect an event experience that brings their ideas to life. We also manage and promote events for attendees to enjoy. The events we produce are always aimed at satisfying our guests’ desire for an event to remember.


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