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A fashion show is a great way to showcase creative clothing designs and for designers to get their brand known. This was our aim when we executed the Heritage Fashion Show a show intended to display beautiful formal garments for women.

We wanted to showcase various designer lines and get people more excited for the impending party season. To achieve our aims, we utilised video screens and specialist lighting. Also, a makeshift drinks hut was erected from which we served non-alcoholic cocktails and alcoholic cocktails.


The location was indoors and a DJ was on hand playing the latest tracks. We wanted attendees to feel the exquisiteness of the event and also be comfortable in order to concentrate on the garments on display and be inspired to purchase in time for autumn/winter.


The clothing on display included items such as formal dresses and stylish work clothing. Our aim was to show that the lines were formal but that the pieces were diverse and had limited options with regards to how they could be worn. This was all decided with the approval of the designers.

We needed to coordinate various different elements of this event to make it work and therefore we rehearsed the event to make sure the event flowed smoothly. The music, models, lighting and other elements all needed to be coordinated correctly for the event to be a success.

C O N C L U S I O N  /  R E S U L T

 We were very happy with the way the event ran. There was potential for mistakes to occur but we were prepared to handle them due to rehearsals. The coordination of the event went very well as the technical aspects and the other elements of the event worked nicely together.

The designers were very happy with how we showcased the lines and with the fact that there was an impressive amount of sales despite it not quite being autumn/winter. According to many of the attendees, they did come away feeling positive and impressed with the garments on display. This overall positive feedback was great to hear and attendees also loved the atmosphere of the entire event which was our main objective.

“ Very professional and well organised fashion show event. The ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists team were always on hand to answer queries and assist in any way. ”
— A M E L I A   G R A N T ,   H E R I T A G E   F A S H I O N   S H O W   A T T E N D E E .