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Creative Input:

We will assist you in your events creation or we can create your event for you. By ascertaining your requirements at the initial consultation stage, we will customise our event service delivery to your needs. When it comes to event planning, creativity is very important. Our event planning team are always brimming with creative ideas and we love to implement them for clients.

Your event will involve a process of creative brainstorming and subsequent careful thought to resolve practical issues around the event service delivery. This process is always important for the successful execution of an event. We at ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists enjoy taking this process seriously for clients.


This aspect of our service is an integral part of our event management service as all clients will be offered an initial consultation to ascertain their requirements. We also offer a separate event consultation service for clients requiring assistance short of full event planning and management.

The initial consultation will involve us assessing a potential client’s event requirements by asking a range of questions which will help us to serve a client in the best way. Once we have assessed a client’s event needs, we can proceed from there to present a proposal to the client. If the proposal is satisfactory to the client, we can then begin to iron out any other details and start working together.

Our event consultation service involves a client booking in with us to receive a telephone call for an allotted period of time where we would offer advice involving their event. This is helpful for clients who have event requirements but do not necessarily need full event planning and management.

Vendor Booking:

We establish relationships with strategic partners to enable us to provide the best service for you. Utilising our database of contacts, we can help our clients to keep within budget while still delivering a beautiful event.

To deliver a special event for our clients, whether corporate or social, we will handle the logistics and make sure all your event requirements are fulfilled. This involves planning, collaboration with vendors and organisational skills to ensure your event is the best it can be.


All timings will be executed efficiently and to schedule for our clients. To ensure our events go smoothly we stick to deadlines and work in a highly organised fashion. We are serious about scheduling as this is a highly important element in the event planning process. Of course, issues may present themselves but with our team there to support you any issues will be resolved in the best way possible and with minimal stress.

You will not have to worry about the details of an event because we will take care of them. Whether it is where event items are going to be sourced from, will people be in the right place at the right time, or have all the invitations been handled our clients are fully informed and these details will be taken care of. This can take a lot of pressure off and make the event all the more pleasurable.


We coordinate events to a high standard because we care about providing a quality service. The event itself will be managed and coordinated by our event managers who will make every effort to ensure the event goes smoothly. We at ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists take great care with everything events related so that our clients are satisfied with the event delivery.

Our event coordinators are highly professional operators who are always there to listen and solve problems before, during and after the event. This comprehensive service is part of our strategy to show that we care about every event we manage. We always aim to impress and finding solutions to event problems is a strong point of ours.


Making sure the final aspects of the event are taken care of in an organised manner is very important. It is great when an event is a success but part of a successful event is a well-managed clean-up and break-down.

If this part of the event is neglected it can lead to all sorts of issues such as difficulties with contractors and vendors. We value all our relationships whether it is with our client, with contractors, or with vendors and we strive to maintain good relations with all those we come into contact with.