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T I M E L I N E   O F   W E D D I N G   D A Y

On your wedding day there are many elements to consider to ensure that the special day is a pleasurable experience. Here is a checklist for the big day:

Our glamorous bride required her hair and makeup to be exquisitely and creatively prepared which we had arranged. It is often lovely to catch some photographs of the bride during the hair and makeup application when the bride is looking particularly beautiful. The bride’s hair and makeup requires about two hours to attend to all the details.

The bridesmaid’s hair and makeup also required special attention and were professionally attended to. The bridesmaids’ hair and makeup require about one and a half hours each.

The photographer, therefore, needed to arrive while the bride was getting prepared so they could capture all the little details such as the gown, the shoes, and the jewellery.

The stylist was asked to stick around to make sure all aspects were covered and to ensure the veil was properly secured after the gown was put on.

We made time for pre-ceremony photos of the bride and her family and of the groom with his family. Some of the groom’s family got held up which caused a slight delay but we made sure we incorporated enough of a time window to accommodate.

The groom and groomsmen arrived two hours before the ceremony. We would say one and a half hours but we wanted to leave a buffer.

To make sure the guests didn’t see the bride we asked that the bride and bridesmaids arrived later, about one hour before the ceremony.

The ceremony lasted about 30 minutes to give time for readings and music. It was long enough to help make all those precious moments memorable.

There was a wonderful atmosphere during the receiving line which lasted about 15 minutes.

The gap between the ceremony and the reception was about 40 minutes so everyone had time to mingle.

We had some wonderful family photos were taken by a photographer. They took about 2 and a half minutes to organise everyone and take the shots.

The bridal party photos took longer than the family photos. Some really beautiful shots were captured.

Our photographer then went on to capture some stunning photos of the bride and groom. They took about 20 minutes to get some great shots of the lovely couple.

We saved time for pictures of large groups at the reception.

The ideal length of time for the reception is six hours. We scheduled in about an hour for cocktails, about two hours for dinner and three hours for dancing.

O R D E R   O F   E V E N T S:

Welcome toast: The father of the groom introduced the proceedings.

First Course

Toasts: There were some really funny speeches made on the day. It was very enjoyable for everyone.

Main Course

Toasts: Toasts were made by the bride and groom. One of the toasts was a bit more serious but fitting.
Guests invited to dance

Cake cutting: The cake was beautifully made. This was done about two hours before the reception ended.

First dance: This took place after dessert where the bride and groom shone.

Father/daughter dance: Just after the bride and grooms first dance the bride and her father took to the floor.

Mother / son dance: We combined this dance with the father/daughter dance. It was lovely to watch this heartfelt moment.

Bouquet and garter tosses

Late-night snacks


“I cannot convey how much I appreciative I am of the ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists Team. My wedding was an event to remember and everyone in attendance felt the same way. I felt supported throughout the whole process and felt like a queen for the day! ”
M R S   B I S I   A D E O L A .