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We enjoy executing fantastic product launches for our clients. This particular product launch involved a makeup line which was aimed at department store buyers. We wanted to make an impression with the buyers who were in attendance. One of the main aspects of this event was to put the emphasis on what the product could do for the consumer of the product. We also wanted to have an eye-catching display to draw plenty of attention.


This product launch was held in an indoor public location where we aimed to draw as much attention as possible to the product. We needed to consider the particular location where the display would be placed so we draw attention to the product. The location of the display in relation to the attendees was among the key considerations to make a success of this event.


We focused on details such as the appearance of the display, the lighting, and we employed a team of representatives to engage our attendees. To add some uniqueness and creativity we imported some exotic fruits instead of flowers to be used on the main display. This enabled us to really utilise colour in an innovative way to attract lots of attention. The use of colour on the display was unified with the branding of the product.

With the main focus being the product and what it can do for the user we engaged the buyers with free trials and had make-up specialists on hand to apply the products to show how best they could be utilised. We also had some models on hand who had the makeup applied in particularly stylish ways to emphasise that the product was able to be used creatively and in various ways.

The product launch itself was also integrated with the product’s branding so that the product brand was reflected during the product launch. This was important so that we could maintain the option to extend the product launch into a more extensive marketing campaign. Our guests enjoyed a sit-down dinner during this product launch to give time to discuss the product and make an event of the occasion.

C O N C L U S I O N  /  R E S U L T

The display attracted many compliments and people loved the product particularly after seeing how the product could be applied and this translated into major sales. We paid attention to all aspects of the product launch to ensure that it made the right impact.

The client felt that the launch helped to boost the products’ appeal and marketability. We took videos on the day that could be translated into part of a more general marketing campaign for the product. Being part of a successful launch is important for us. We always put our all into our assignments and are happiest when our client is happy.

Client: Undisclosed

Event Type: Product launch

Size: 300

Budget: Undisclosed

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