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A networking event can be formulated by bringing together a focus point for the event, a well-crafted event agenda, an interested group of attendees and carefully selected refreshments. In the case of this event the focus points were presentations and a speaker who gave an informative talk on the future of digital marketing.


We held the event in a refined presentation space in central Birmingham. The space provided us with equipment such as a projector, PA system and comfortable seating as well as space for networking and refreshments.


ASA Events Management & Consultancy Specialists LTD dealt with all aspects of this event from the set-up through to tear down. This included marketing, organising valet parking, hotel and transport management, meeting space and layout management, design, coordination of the event and the event agenda, all written communications, and the provision of an onsite event support team and management of all other areas.


The result was a well-managed and coordinated networking event where attendees and presenters were looked after to their satisfaction. The event was carried out with careful attention paid to all aspects of event management to ensure a good experience for attendees, presenters and those involved with hiring out the event space and equipment etc.

Client: Undisclosed
Event Type: Networking
Size: 300 guests
Budget: Undisclosed